Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another project finished!

Here's a project that has stretched over the past few weeks that I just put the finishing touches on tonight. It was my first venture into woodworking, and I'm really pleased with the result. It turned out exactly as I had dreamed it up in my head. It holds 2 swords, a pair of sai, and a pair of chucks. Anywho, here's some really awesome pics:

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

JAYNE!!! the man they call JAYNE!!!!

Cunning, don't ya think? Sorry about that, I'm just giddy with the way my Cunning Hat 2.0 is turning out. It's actually in the alpha phase of development, and needs some more work, so I'll have more pictures when it goes gold. I'm really happy with it so far, colors match better and it fits MUCH better. And yes I knit, and no, JAYNE AIN'T A GIRL!!!

Got a serial adapter, so I'll be continuing to debug my arduino scanguage project, which is prolly gonna take much longer than I hope.

I picked up some books at the library yesterday to brush up on my calc and get a headstart on linear algebra, and that was the first time I've gone to a library in a LONG time. I had forgotten how much I loved the smell, it's just like being surrounded by knowledge, and I was the only one there, so I was sort of just scanning the aisles in contemplation, at how all this vast amount of knowledge sitting of the shelves could probably never be learned in a lifetime, so I took it on myself as a challenge to always spend more time in study than wasting on facebook and arguing in forums, lol. After these books, I pla to try my hand at some more physics and aerospace stuff, should be fun

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My life for the past few weeks...

...has been pretty awesome actually. Not too much to complain about. Let's see...what have I been up to...ah yes! Went to Trek Expo 2008 in Tulsa nigh on 2 weeks ago with some friends, we all dressed up as characters from the Firefly tv series and Serenity (incredibly awesome sci-fi universe, definitely check it out, but be forewarned, you will get hooked) and I was Jayne Cobb, and it was awesome. Here's a picture of me being awesome:

Costume still needs a decent chunk of work before the Dallas Comicon in october. Haven't worked on much in way of projects, the piece of crap usb-serial cable I ordered didn't work, so I ordered another one that's actually a name brand cable, so hopefully it's worth a crap. I've been messing with perl in preparation for the class on it that I'll be taking next semester, and I think I like it. A lot better than COBOL that's for sure.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Holy crap, I'm on fire today...I finished my obdII interface AND got a hello world running on my lcd with my arduino! Words cannot describe the awesome, so I brought pics.

And here's a close up of the lcd message:

I hooked it up using the 4bit library to save pins for inputs from other things, and I was studying the OBDII protocols and realized I only needed the 4 pins to work on ford cars (mine's a mustang) and I can just add two more if I ever need it for another make, so I didn't ned to order more afterall. Here's a video demonstrating the finished interface!

I'm so excited that these are done, I'm borderline giddy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

OBDII Finished!

I finished my OBDII project yesterday! Took freakin forever to get the programmer to work, I ultimately had to add an external 5v power supply because apparently my serial port wasn't pushin enough juice. I hooked it up and installed the drivers, but I haven't gotten a chance to test it in my car yet. The computer picked it up fine though. I didn't order enough pins to make the cable to connect it to the car, so I'll have to build up another list of components to justify the shipping charges before I can actually use it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OBDII moving along...

Well I'm just burning right through these projects! lol, I etched the board for the OBDII interface last night. Finally a successful two sided board! I did the same on the more detailed side with the iron on transfer and touched up with a sharpie just like the arduino, but then I had the brilliant idea of drilling ALL the holes in the board, then lining up the other transparency accordingly. Well, it didn't stick to the other side, I'm guessing because the holes dissipated the heat perhaps? but ever determined, I busted out the sharpie and drew out the circuit by hand. Man, I'm getting to be a pro at this etching thing. I'm pretty pleased with the way everything came out! Here's the pics of the board:

This is the bottom:

This is the top (Obviously the side I did with the sharpie):

This is the top completed (I somehow missed a trace with the sharpie, so I had to run wire, so shoot me):

This is the bottom completed (showcasing my mad surface mount skillz):

All that's left is to make the OBDII DB9 cable for it, program it (using the pic programmer from a previous post), and it'll be totally finished!

Also of note, There were two chips that i needed for this project that mouser did not carry, and it would have been about $20 to order them from digikey, soooo....I checked out the manufacturer's website and they had a sample program for both chips! Not only that, but after I set up an account, I was able to order 2 of each chip for free with free shipping! I was expecting them to take a couple weeks being that they were free and all, but lo and behold, they showed up a day later! Free next day air shipping! These guys are good, I'm definitely going to them in the future. Free samples are awesome! I was also able to pick up a 20 character X 4 line lcd on ebay from china for $9 for some arduino experiments.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Arduino Finished!!!

I finally finished the arduino! I ended up having to etch a new board because the one I talked about in the last post was screwed up because I mirrored the wrong side and the traces were completely backwards, so I went with the single sided version because I didn't feel like screwing with it again. I got an old serial cable from the school's crap closet and hooked it up and ZOMG!!!! it didn't work. Turns out the serial pin layout on this arduino was backward too!!! Not my fault this time. but that's the only thing that was so I was able to cut up the serial cable and rewire it to work, and I was able to transfer the blink program without a hitch! I'm super pumped and have a mile wide grin right now. Here's some documentation of the journey:

Here's ironing on the toner transfer (printed from a laser printer on a overhead transparency). Prepping it with water and a steel wool pad, as well as preheating the board before putting the transparency on seemed to help, but I suspect waxpaper or photopaper works better.

This is what the board looked like before the ironing took place (Note: masking tape is crap, srsly).

This is the board after ironing and cutting to size (It all didn't stick that well, so I had to fill in the traces with a sharpie, yes a sharpie, it works amazingly well as an etch resist, I swear)

This is the bottom of the board after etching and soldering (told you the sharpie worked well)

And this is the finished product! Pretty sweet eh?
Below is a video I threw up on youtube of the blink program running on it. It's basically a "hello world" for hardware.

Next up on the hardware list is the OBDII interface, but I still need to get the two usb chips that mouser didn't have, but the good news is that the manufacturer offers free samples of them! w00t!