Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OBDII moving along...

Well I'm just burning right through these projects! lol, I etched the board for the OBDII interface last night. Finally a successful two sided board! I did the same on the more detailed side with the iron on transfer and touched up with a sharpie just like the arduino, but then I had the brilliant idea of drilling ALL the holes in the board, then lining up the other transparency accordingly. Well, it didn't stick to the other side, I'm guessing because the holes dissipated the heat perhaps? but ever determined, I busted out the sharpie and drew out the circuit by hand. Man, I'm getting to be a pro at this etching thing. I'm pretty pleased with the way everything came out! Here's the pics of the board:

This is the bottom:

This is the top (Obviously the side I did with the sharpie):

This is the top completed (I somehow missed a trace with the sharpie, so I had to run wire, so shoot me):

This is the bottom completed (showcasing my mad surface mount skillz):

All that's left is to make the OBDII DB9 cable for it, program it (using the pic programmer from a previous post), and it'll be totally finished!

Also of note, There were two chips that i needed for this project that mouser did not carry, and it would have been about $20 to order them from digikey, soooo....I checked out the manufacturer's website and they had a sample program for both chips! Not only that, but after I set up an account, I was able to order 2 of each chip for free with free shipping! I was expecting them to take a couple weeks being that they were free and all, but lo and behold, they showed up a day later! Free next day air shipping! These guys are good, I'm definitely going to them in the future. Free samples are awesome! I was also able to pick up a 20 character X 4 line lcd on ebay from china for $9 for some arduino experiments.

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